The Arena is my process for approaching creative work from a place of aliveness and play. Every trip through The Arena lasts one week, and is guided by singular creative intention. Other than that, there really are no rules other than to follow the aliveness. These "logs" are just for me to document what I did during any given sprint, along with how I'm feeling about it.

Rob's Past Trips Into The Arena

Arena Log: Ungated Business Foundations
The first ever Arena Log, wherein I document my attempts infuse my creative life with aliveness.
Arena Log: Make Podcasting Fun Again
In which Rob rekindles his love of podcasting by making it very, very simple.
Arena Log: Imperfect Guitar Videos
In which Rob busts out his guitar and does some shit that scares him!
Arena Log: Ungated Life Launch
In which Rob launches a new website, and makes the Ungated cinematic universe more unified.
Arena Log: UngatedOS Workshop
In which Rob spontaneously decides to create his first paid workshop for Ungated.
Arena Log: Creating Marketing Assets for The Arena
In which Rob goes meta, and uses The Arena process to write about The Arena so he can invite more people to The Arena
Arena Log: The non-coercive marketing essay
In which Rob writes an essay he’s been procrastinating on for a year.