If I could only pass along one tool to the next generation of entrepreneurial creators, it would be NicheCraft.

That’s my term for the process of identifying, understanding, and generously serving hyper-specific niche audiences.

Reliable shortcuts are a rare thing in life. Most often, we waste time looking for them.

But for creators of all stripes—writers, YouTubers, filmmakers, musicians, etc—niching down reduces the distance between wherever you are today, and earning a living from creative work you care about.

In our overwhelming, hyper-saturated media ecosystem, NicheCraft is how you become signal in the noise. It’s how you make things that genuinely matter to internet strangers.

If your goal is to build a 1,000 True Fans style business, I know of no more reliable, trustworthy of a toolset to make it happen.

Think of this page as an ever-expanding “hub” for learning the art of NicheCraft. Below, you’ll find a series of articles and resources, each touching on some piece of the process. As I write more, they’ll get added here.


NicheCraft Fundamentals

First up here's an overview of the five components of NicheCraft.

NicheCraft: An Overview
How to build a creative business that stands the test of time.

Next up, an explainer on what I really mean when I say "find your niche." Usually, this is a shallow, throwaway piece of advice, kind of like "follow your passion." But if you care about building an indie business, this advice is essential, and it's quite a bit more compelling than it seems on the surface.

3 levels of “finding your niche”
It’s an overused phrase. And you’re probably tired of hearing it. But holy smokes is it powerful.

And finally, we come to the most comprehensive article on the internet for identifying the perfect niche for your creative work. This is the full process I teach in my course, laid out from start to finish.

A process for finding your niche
The art of discovering Creator-Market Fit, and laying the foundation for a business you’ll love.

Understanding Your Niche

If your goal is to create meaningful, resonant content, and make offers that your fans can't wait to purchase, you need to understand your niche. Inside and out. You need to understand what your people do, how they think and feel, and how they see the world.  Audience Mapping is a process I've designed for sussing out and organizing these kinds of invaluable insights.

Audience Mapping, The Niche Creator’s Secret Weapon
The art of reading minds, and winning hearts, with your content.

Products for Practicing NicheCraft

Find Your Niche 2.0
A practical course to help you find Creator-Market Fit, and lay a strong foundation for the long game of creative business.

Micro Articles

To niche, or not to niche?
A simple answer to the creator economy’s most heated debate.
Yes, you need a niche
Trying to make work for “everyone” is a one-way ticket to irrelevance.