In 2021, I'm running a little experiment.

Not only am I meticulously documenting my own journey to 1,000 true fans. But I'm coaching a handful of creators to help their dreams come alive as well.

In return for a dramatically reduced coaching/consulting fee, these brave creators agreed to work in public, document their journey, and create an ongoing case study.

My hope is that this'll be a rare win-win-win scenario.

  • I get a bit of immediate revenue for this new venture, plus some awesome marketing assets.
  • The creators get a year of coaching and consulting for way less than it'd normally cost. Plus the accountability that comes from working in public.
  • And the community gets an honest, transparent look at what it takes to build a creative business from the ground up.

That's the idea, anyway. Like I said, this is an experiment, and I have no idea if it'll work!

In the future, I"ll update this page with current and past case studies. But for now, if you're interested, send me an email at with "Case study" in the subject line.



Ongoing Case Studies

Lyle McKeany: Personal non-fiction writer
How a memoir writer is using the tools of niche marketing to build a larger, more mainstream audience.
Una O: Filmmaking for social change
How a young filmmaker from Glasgow is building the foundation for distributing meaningful, subversive work directly to fans.

Rob's Personal Case Studies

Ungated Health Checkups
Every eight weeks, I write a brutally honest update on how this business is doing. Here’s the full archive.