Hey friends!

Today I’m launching an intriguing new experiment.

Say hello to Creator Public Relations, where creators can write press releases (but not sucky or boring) to tell the world about their new projects. It’s a place where creators get to share the vision and story behind their work, in their own words.

These days, it feels like all of the oxygen on the internet is sucked up by the same 10-20 super high-profile creators. Prolific and talented though he is, we don’t need to hear about Joe Rogan every day. Or Mr. Beast, or Jack Butcher, or David Perell, or whoever. The internet is vast, and full of delightful, vibrant, truly independent creative work.

So the first goal for Creator PR is to help audiences find those hidden gems. As it grows, it’ll become a discovery hub for diverse indie creators whose work might not surface in our algorithmic, popularity-driven world. More than that, it’s meant to help audiences connect with those creators, by hearing the stories and purpose behind their work.

The second goal is to help creators find new fans. Over time, I’m hoping the site’s reach will skyrocket. Ideally, being featured on Creator PR will provide a meaningful boost in attention for your work. Kind of like when a small company makes it to the top of ProductHunt.

So yeah, that’s the idea in a nutshell, and I’m pretty stoked about it!

So be sure check out the site and some of the press releases we’ve put out so far, or visit them ‘em directly.

A dramatic series from Marco North about a mysterious, devastating virus, and the handful of survivors it leaves behind.
Tiny Revolutions
A newsletter about being present to the magnificence of life, and becoming who you are.
Just Enough To Get Me In Trouble
A weekly newsletter from Lyle McKeany, featuring personal, vulnerable, and sometimes funny stories about fatherhood and life.
The Citizen Within
A digital oasis for people who are exhausted by the political landscape, and who want to build something better.
If you dig the concept and want to help it succeed, the best thing you can do is subscribe to the newsletter, follow on twitter and facebook, and share your favorite press release on social.

I would be immensely grateful for any signal boost you could provide 🙏

How to submit a project

In the future, submissions will likely be reserved for paid Ungated members. But for now, they’re open to anyone in the free Ungated Collective community.

If you want to submit a recent project, or your blog/channel/podcast as a whole, just shoot me a message in the community, and I’ll send you the submission form.


P.S. This thing really is an experiment. If you have any suggestions for how to make the format cooler, or anything else, lemme know in the community. I’m all ears!