There are few things I enjoy more than working with creators 1-on-1 to help them build enjoyable, long-lasting 1,000 True Fans style businesses.

If we work together, there will be no "growth hacks," nor will we 10x anything. I work with creators who are committed to the long game, and who want to build up something meaningful, brick by brick.

We can work together on getting you creatively unblocked, marketing yourself effectively (and ethically), building out a sustainable long-term business model, and/or getting out of your head, and out of your own way.

If that sounds like something that'd be useful to you in your creative and entrepreneurial journey, here are two options to consider.

One-Off Coaching Sessions

I offer 60-minute sessions to everyone. Whether you're just getting started, or a seasoned online vet, I'd love to chat with you and see how I can help.

I'm offering these sessions in the spirit of the Gift Economy, meaning they're essentially "pay your own price."

You can learn more about that, and book a session with me, on this page.

Long Term Coaching/Consulting

If you're interested in working together over a longer term, I'm currently offering three, six, and twelve month packages.

These are more geared towards intermediate and advanced creators who are ready to make a full time living doing work that's deeply aligned with their values.

If you're looking to buckle down and work "turn pro" on this 1,000 True Fans thing, send me an email at with "Long term coaching" in the subject line.

Whichever option you choose, I'm looking forward to connecting with you!