The Arena is my process for approaching creative work from a place of aliveness and play. Every trip through The Arena lasts one week, and is guided by singular creative intention. Other than that, there really are no rules other than to follow the aliveness. These logs are just for me to document what I did during any given sprint, along with how I'm feeling about it.

Creative Intention: Create and sell and deliver my first ever paid live workshop for Ungated! Keep it easy and light, and have fun!

What I Shipped

The UngatedOS Workshop
The Art of Joyful Internet Business<br><br><div style=“text-align:center”><a class=“global-button” href=“” target=“_blank”>Purchase The Workshop - $50</a></div>


  • This one tool about two weeks instead of a week, but I am very freaking proud of what I was able to create and deliver with this.
  • I finally fleshed out the entire philosophy of non-coercive marketing, and delivered it to people for the first time. That felt like the biggest win here. Finally articulating something I've been thinking about for years.
  • I have like, a year's worth of content that I can create just from the outline of this workshop. There are a few dozens of articles that can be written from the seeds that were planted here.
  • I sold like 30 copies of this through a handful of silly tweets, which completely transformed how I think about selling things, especially on social media. Twitter outperformed my email list by a wide margin, and that conflicts with everything I've ever learned about selling stuff online lol. Time to adapt.
  • Aliveness Meter: 10/10 - this thing was fun to create, fun to deliver, and fun to sell. Everything about it rocked.