An oasis is a refuge from a hostile environment. It’s a place of nourishment, safety, and delight.

This course is for creators who want to build a digital oasis, and make their corner of internet substantially more unique and delightful.

It’s for those of us who are dissatisfied with the status quo of online business. Who are sick of “best practices” and “growth hacks.”

It’s for those of us who want to live by our values, create things we care about, and give our fans a one-of-a-kind experience.

And, of course, Oasis Building 101 will help you do all of this in a way that results in an effective business.

If you yearn to make 1,000 True Fans your reality, I know of no better strategy than building an oasis.

Let’s do this.

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What we'll cover in Oasis Building 101:

Oasis Foundations

  • Wtf is an oasis anyway?
  • The two core principles that make an oasis work
  • Overarching structures/models for your oasis
  • The elements of worldbuilding (strategy, layering, texture)


  • The iceberg principle
  • How to subvert the status quo
  • Radical depth and specificity
  • Playing the long game yourself (and helping your people do the same)
  • Creating unique combinations to make old ideas feel new again


  • Digging rabbit holes to transport people around your world
  • Creating your Oasis Charter
  • Building “high impact” pages
  • Taking people on sequential journeys
  • Sending both quiet and explicit signals to attract your ideal fans

Plus I’ll give you a ton of examples along the way. You’ll see how I’m applying these strategies in my businesses, and how other inspiring creators have used them.

Finally, we’ll wrap with a handful of exercises that’ll help you define your oasis strategy, then execute on it.

If you’re ready to break free from the drudgery and conformity of the internet, and create something totally unique, I hope you’ll join me.

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