In 2021, I'm creating a series of simple, useful micro courses and digital products. Each of them are designed to move you closer to 1,000 True Fans.

They're all available individually through a Gift Economy model, where you choose your own price. But you'll also be able to get access to all of them, and support me, through an annual or lifetime membership.

Here are my current offerings:

Find Your Niche

Everyone tells creators to "find their niche." It's smart advice, but no one ever gets into the weeds of how to it.

In Find Your Niche, you'll work through a series of simple exercises designed to help you identify hungry markets for creative work you love. This is a course for creators looking to build a strong foundation for a business they enjoy running.

You can find all of the details about how the course works on this page. Or if you're ready to dive in now, use the big fancy button below to get started.

Coming Soon

Here are the courses and micro products that are on deck this year.

  • Positioning for Creators
  • Simple Email Marketing
  • The Magnetic Persona
  • Notion Templates for Entrepreneurial Creators

Check back on this page often, as I'll be releasing new ones every six weeks or so.