My product strategy for Ungated is to build out a vibrant collection of "micro courses."

Each of them are designed to be quick, yet surprisingly deep. I aim to create compasses, not treasure maps. In other words, they'll help you navigate a complex, changing world based on your values and priorities, instead of me giving you easy answers and step by step formulas.

Think of these as building blocks that'll help you craft a delightful "true fan" style business that stands the test of time. Choose the blocks that resonate most with you, and combine them any way you want. There are no right answers. Only right answers for you.

You can get all these courses as part of the Ungated Membership (aka becoming a true fan), or you can purchase them individually. I'll love you either way!

Finished Courses

  • Find Your Niche - a comprehensive course to help you identify hungry markets for creative work you care about.
  • Oasis Building 101 - a playbook for designing a corner of the internet that massively delights you and your fans.
  • Stand Out & Connect - A playbook for creating resonance. It'll help you stand out in a noisy world, and connect deeply with your fans.
  • The Personal Archaeology Course - A toolset for exploring your inner world, and building a creative business no one else but you could.

Coming Soon

Here are the courses and micro products that are on deck.

  • Elegant Email Marketing
  • The Curation Playbook
  • The Playful Persona
  • Notion Templates for Entrepreneurial Creators

Check back on this page often, as I'll be releasing new ones every seven weeks or so.