For years, I chased down the fanciest tools, and built all sorts of complex systems. But these days I prefer simplicity and elegance over bells and whistles. That's what helps me get out of my own way, and focus on the work that matters most. So without any further ado, here are all the tools I use to run Ungated Media.

Core Tools

  • Ghost - for websites/blogs/newsletters. It's so elegant, yet powerful, and it keeps getting better. Plus it's open source! Personally, I host my sites on Midnight, because the pricing/limitations on Ghost Pro rub me the wrong way.
  • ConvertKit - for email marketing, sequences, segmentation, etc. I've been using this tool since 2016 and can't imagine life without it.
  • Mighty Networks - for courses and community. I have mixed thoughts about the current UX and UI, but damn if there's not something magical about having courses and community in one platform instead of two.
  • ThriveCart - for building custom carts/funnels/payment plans, etc. Ignore the incredibly tacky "limited time offer" internet marketing BS. This tool is genuinely good, is constantly upgraded, and has powered my businesses faithfully since 2017.

Secondary Tools

  • Zapier - for tying all the above tools together.
  • Fathom Analytics - for sometimes looking at how many people have visited my websites, although I rarely check.
  • Loom - for recording/hosting all the videos in my courses, and for sending feedback to coaching clients.
  • Typefully - for writing tweet threads and having some cool twitter analytics. I almost never look at these analytics anymore either.

Miscellaneous Stuff